Apr 282013


This week I will mostly be eating fajitas and my own weight in chocolate biscuits if the cupboards are anything to go by, as I am in charge of these two, Boy and Dog of Shelley, who as we speak is no doubt collapsing in a hotel after a hot bumpy taxi ride from JFK. I have told Boy that I expect to be waited on hand and foot and I think he thinks I’m joking. Far more important to learn and meet the domestic needs of a knackered forty-something than to pass one’s GCSEs. He also seems to think he will be beating me at Scrabble, but I have already established that he doesn’t know all his two letter words (I offer you ‘gu’, a rudimentary violin. Oh yes.)

I will also be dealing with this lot;


…they do a very nice line in vertical take-offs whenever you stray near their fence. Dog is intrigued;


Dog is not actually levitating there – Boy is doing the hoisting.

Have a lovely time old girl, I’ll try not to burn the house down in your absence, or have social services and the RSPCA take the Boy and Dog away (and not necessarily in that order). Remember to look the other way first when you cross the road… I have had far too many already of those Marks and Sparks biscuits you left on the table and I feel sick.

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  1. Could Boy possibly learn from the Young Man (not for shirt removing) and assist with the digging and general hauling around your garden. Either get him to earn his keep that way or get him up the nearest chimney……

  2. Blimey. I bet he’ll be crocheting by the end of his stay…….either that or drinking gin, shouting at the telly and making gestures at people out of cars whilst mouthing “IT’S NOT FOGGY”.

    • Hehehehehehehehe…….

      • We’ve already done quite a bit of swearing for comedic effect, can’t interest him in gin, he’s more of a Ribena man. He’s immune to crochet but expressed a vague interest in lino-cutting so there’s hope for him yet. Dog takes care of shouting at the telly – she seems to share my irrational loathing of Fiona Bruce…

  3. Glad all is well back home, lovely to see the boy, the dog and the girls! Exhausted but holiday has been great. Look forward to seeing you all very soon.

    Ps please eat all choc biscuits before I get home!! Xx

    • I will do my best Barbara dear, also making small inroads into the EU broccoli mountain. Boy is off to see Iron Man 3 tonight and for some reason doesn’t want me there to cramp his style although he says he will be wearing a blazer so clearly my input would be redundant on that front.

      • That’s fabulous Barbara, broccoli comment made me snort! Had forgotten about the amount of it in the fridge! Have just skyped The boy and saw ironed shirts on the wardrobe behind him, you are a lovely lady! look forward to seeing you very soon xx

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